Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We are back in Monteverde after a weekend in La Fortunate, the town near Arenal.  Arenal was fun, mostly because of the interesting people we met on the bus on the way there.  A German girl, an Australian guy who was traveling for a month, and an American girl volunteering.  There are a lot of young people volunteering in various capacities down here and it is fun to get to know them.

Now back in Monteverde tienen un existencia muy differente que la vida en una familia tica.  We have our own appartments, very spacious compared to the families.  I really liked my tico family- there house was small but in the middle of the forest and I felt very alive while I was there.  I have lived with host families in the past.  Dicen que when you learn a new language you get a new soul, but I feel that times three when you have a new foriegn family.  The host mother took me on  walk in the forest through their jungle property and we saw many animals- leaf cutter ants, a sloth with a baby, sugar cane and coffee.  I will add pictures soon.

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